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 Users' experience

Biogetic is used all over the world. We interviewed some Biogetic users and they share their experience with us.

Jane, student

I am using Biogetic for five days and I can learn better. Now I am learning Statistics. I am motivated to learn more and through that I can learn up to 12 hours per day. During the day I comprehend the subject as well as impress it into the memory. During the night it seems as though as the logical connections are being build between the knowledge I already have and the recently learned. In the morning I can reproduce learned formulas with ease. I think that Biogetic really helps.

Gregory, businessman

Biogetic really changed my life. I am an executive officer for a company with over 250 employees. I have to motivate my co-workers, lead meeting and reach important decisions. It sometimes is a stress situation, which I can now handle more effectively.

Marija, pensioner

Oh, dear! I am feeling really good and younger these days. My legs don't hurt so much any more and I even started taking walks. Last time I had such a pleasant walk in the park. There I met a nice man and we had a great talk. I feel as though as I was twenty. I think it is this telephone that my grandson arranged for me. He says it has a special program that helps me. I also talk a lot with my grandchildren over the phone now.

Johan, engineer

I am working hard on this new building but since I have Biogetic it is no problem for me. We mostly do bridges and more complicated fundamental works. It is a job where I don't need just to work. I also need to think how to do things best. I have my mobile phone always with me since I have Biogetic installed. I think it makes my work less tiring and I think things over before I get down to them.

Paulo, artist

Yes, I am using Biogetic. Besides that I also do a lot of sports recreationally. I don't feel that Biogetic helped me, but I also don't feel any negative consequences. I will still use it, what the heck. It might help me, who knows.

Aude, administrative worker

In the office I have a lot of work to do. The boss is giving me all the work he has no time for. Sometimes I even did not want to go to work because I know what I will have to do. Lately however it seems as though as things are changing. I started using Biogetic and I can handle the work easier. My boss and I communicate more and the working conditions are getting better.

Share your experience with others

Please send your experience when using Biogetic or other comments about how you feel now. We will not publish your letter, unless you want. Thank you.

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